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Senator Rand Paul Warns: Be Very Worried About the Lame Duck Congress

16 Dec 2022

CLAY: We are joined now by Senator Rand Paul, who I am told is with his wife right now, Kelley, who has phenomenal taste not only in who she married, but also in her radio show preferences. So, shout-out to your wife, Kelley. Senator, congratulations on reelection to represent the great state of Kentucky. And as we look towards…

SEN. PAUL: Kelley’s a big fan of the radio program and she’s also a big fan — she follows Clay on Twitter. And so, you can catch her on Twitter giving all kinds of insight and critique on a daily basis.

CLAY: That is fantastic. All right. So, we are soon to be out of this lame duck session, but I wanted to start with the lame duck session, Senator. It seems like there is a great deal of activity that is trying to be rushed through between now and when the new Congress will be sworn in. How nervous do you think Republicans should be about what is going on right now in the lame duck session? How much is likely to get pushed through? Where are we? Let’s start there.

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