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Delusional Obama Peddles Lies at Climate Conference

9 Nov 2021

BUCK: There are sometimes these things that I see that the Democrats are saying and that are very prominent in their messaging, and I wonder to myself, “I don’t understand how this is possible. They can’t really think this, right? There’s no way they’re not in on this.” This is a con, essentially. This is a game they’re playing to fool people, for the gullible. I almost wish that that was the case instead of the possibility that maybe they really are true believers.

There’s no better example of this than on the kind of rhetoric they use on the issue of climate change. Obama is still the biggest brand in the Democrat Party. He’s still the biggest name, the biggest draw — much more so, even, than Joe Biden as the president. We all know this. Obama was at that climate conference which, as Clay pointed out, just keeps going on and on. A lot of the nations at this conference. A lot of hot gas rising from this conference. That’s for sure.

Here is Obama, though, doing the real scare tactic stuff against young people.

OBAMA: If you are age eligible to vote the issues, vote like your life depends on it because it does. I recognize that a lot of young people may be cynical about politics. But the cold, hard fact is we will not have more ambitious climate plans coming out of governments unless governments feel some pressure from voters.

BUCK: Now, I point this out, Clay, because, yeah, we can sit here and say this is clearly… This is delusional, right? Vote like your life depends on our climate change legislation? The moment you start to dig into what it would actually mean even if they got what they want, it wouldn’t stop what they think is happening with CO2 and the rise of the seas and the temperature. It wouldn’t even work if we did the things they say.

I think it’s so important because, one, yes, we have to mock them for their idiocy. But also you have to take this into account. These are the same people that want you to be vaccinating your kids because of “the science.” These are the same people think you can spend unlimited amounts of money. They have horrible judgment. People that believe this have horrible judgment on other things, too.

CLAY: Climate deaths have declined massively over… There’s a good article in the Wall Street Journal — maybe last week or the week before — looking at the number of people who are dying because of weather conditions. And it has plummeted over the last 50 or 60 years. So “vote like your life depends on it” is not statistically supported by any objective, measurable data when it comes to climate change.


CLAY: The headline is: “We’re Safer from Climate Disasters Than Ever Before — Though it receives little mention from activists or the media, weather-related deaths have fallen dramatically.” In fact, death tolls… People are safer from climate-related disasters than ever before. So “vote like your life depends on it”? The data reflects that never have we been safer from climate disasters than we are today.

BUCK: There’s actually now an inverse relationship between how much risk you’re at from climate disasters — tornadoes, hurricanes, et cetera — and how freaked out the Democrats get over the issue. The safer we get, the crazier they get about how you need to be scared. That’s the way this goes.

CLAY: That’s the same thing, by the way, for covid and children. It’s the same thing for police shootings. When you actually look at the data, almost everything Democrats claim is gonna kill you is a lie.

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